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A storyteller drawn to narratives from every corner of the world that invoke human resilience going beyond cultural or social conflict.

Hailing from Algeria and Congo-Kinshasa, Africa, where her passion for movies was instilled as a young teenager and as an adult in Europe, she views directing as translating the voice of the voiceless into moving pictures. She later began her career as a Script Supervisor in Los Angeles and has worked as a producer on numerous commercial and independent productions.


The seeds for CODA THE MOVIE were sewn while Anastasia was accompanying musicians from The Vienna Symphony Orchestra across Europe during the reunification of Germany and she was deeply influenced by the political climate of the time. This inspired her to have CODA explore the rich musical legacy from East Germany to present day America, focusing on the impact of music on our lives and across cultures and generations. 

Director's statement
The music


He has a fascination for orchestral music and his compositions often derive from it.

Born in France, Christophe Millois spent his childhood on the move through Europe, Asia, the Middle East and Africa.
His musical style is known for original themes that invite audiences to embark on an inner journey full of authentic cultural and emotional tones.

He has composed scores for film, TV and special events, including the First Feature Film Festival in La Ciotat, France. In 2013, he composed the music for the epic show “Il était une fois 1720”, which led to the music festival being honored with the FFSH national label (Fédération Française des Fêtes et Spectacles Historiques). Christophe’s albums are sold all over the world.



One of Europe’s most prestigious ensembles.  

Boasting 128 members and known for the preservation of its traditional orchestral sound, it is the center of symphonic activity that makes up the musical life of the historical city.

Its principal performing venues are Vienna Musikverein and Wiener Konzerthaus, and it now serves as resident opera orchestra for a host of stylistically diverse productions taking place at the Theater an der Wien.


Performing for countless award-winning film scores, CODA is thrilled to partner this world-renowned orchestra with the impeccable compositions of Christophe Millois under the masterful guidance of Prof. Gerhard Kanzian.

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